Brass Knuckles Live

Take one crazy host; add special guests, event coverage and music. Sprinkle some industry information on top and finally, whip in a massive dose of top-shelf terps. This is the recipe for Getting High With, the result you’d come up with if “Inside the Actor’s Studio” was infused with colossal quantities of THC.

Hosted by canna-community personality Adam Ill, Getting High With is an eclectic mix of elements with a focus on marijuana. The show covers hot topics, recent events, current news and each features appearances by special guests and celebrities. Visitors lounge in a recliner and medicate with the host while he conducts HIGHLY entertaining interviews. Not limiting the conversation to “Pot Talk,” Adam regularly touches on other – sometimes provocative – subjects. That dude always yelling “WHAAAAAT” is actually a damn good host; with a gift for provoking candid conversations, he’s able to produce some truly unique interviews.